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Content Creator
Salve S. (@yoboisalve)
Sucker for live music & up-coming talent. On the look out for opportunities and experiences to dive into. Always complaining about her packed schedule (but secretly loves it).

Lovable grammar aficionado that got whipped into this whole revival mess.

Possibly busy doing her own thang! Always out on photography endeavours.


The behind-the-scenes grammar fanatic that refuses to write but loves to read. A key part of the team who corrects those pesky mistakes. One of the flakiest editors you will ever witness but we love her anyway.

Future design engineer who craves good music. Will always be amazed like a child with an adoring twinkle in her eye when in front of an amazing artist. Seriously the cutest person ever.

Phuoc N.
Filled to the brim with sass and enough fabulousness to fill a rainbow. Most critical and downright brutally blunt. He has just the right amount of attitude that gets people coming back for more.