London Venues By Toby Melville-Brown

We delve into the mind of insanely talented illustrator, Toby Melville-Brown, who brought us this outstanding collection of London Venues. Over two months overdue (sorry Toby) but here it is!

What are your own personal experiences with these venues? 

From being a school kid, piling onto a bus and witnessing the splendor of a re-telling of Midsomer Nights Dream at The Roundhouse, to having one of those seminal experiences, entering a dubstep night as an excited teenager at Scala, to now, seeing experimental theatre at The Vaults and raring to discuss the content with a friend, after the show – these venues have been my essential diet from a young age. They have existed for us and now it is our turn to fight for them to exist. 

How hard it was to narrow it down to these select few? 

Not easy. I had some pretty heated chats about which to include and which to set aside. I really wanted to include venues from all communities. So some classics had to be excluded for balance. 

What motivated you to do this particular piece? 

I always forget the birth of a project. But I guess it came from being aware that things were bad. That these places are in trouble and if we’re not careful, we could lose them. Which is a curious thing, because there’s so much love and will for these places to exist. So I guess the simple process of collating them on one artwork seemed like a neat way to draw attention and remind as many people as possible – let’s get back to these places asap!

What did your design and screen process look like? 

I have actually relocated to Devon to focus on drawing for this lockdown. So the screen printing process was completed by the incredible guys at Mesh & Blade. We have a close relationship so I could iterate the details such as color and dot-matrix density from afar.

Any additional fun facts about yourself, the screenprint or the venues. 

This is actually part of a larger project called Nearly There. Each artwork seeks to be a reminder to return to those much-loved haunts. Next up; Independent Pubs of London. Anyone can send suggestions to… was that a fun fact? Sort of. 

Do you want a copy of London Venues for yourself? It is back and in a brand new colour way! Grab this gorgeous piece as well as his Independent Pubs of London at his Print Club London collection.

All his works are manifestations of character and pure delight. Go check out his range of talents and array of intricate works!

Buckle up for a weekly dose of venue loving!

Stay safe and musically curious,
Salve S.

We will remain Live In Three.

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