blackbear at O2 Academy Brixton (29/11/2019)

blackbear is the ultimate breakup artist.

I am speaking from experience here. Trust me…

There is a venerable edge to his songs but he carries it with a bouncing confidence. He is in a much better headspace than he was years ago and he’s now a father to a little cutie pie. It is amazing to witness him growing from his past relationships, and health and mental struggles.

He is constantly expanding musically and evolving his sound, introducing bouncy bass and guitars riffs, adding a boost in bright pop tunes with the indie rock formula ironically used in his song called i feel bad. He gave us a little snippet of his everything means nothing album that came out 21st August 2020, but this was particular show was after the release of ANONYMOUS.

blackbear live at O2 Academy Brixton London 2019

blackbear knows his crowd and stuffed his setlist to the brim with fan favourites such as idfc, do re mi and chateau -to name a few. All were beautifully complimented with stunning visual effects and lighting.

Interestingly enough, unlike rest of his discography which is stylised in all lowercase, thus album changes it up:

He is an exceptionally talented individual, expertly blending genres and sound to make it his own. Heck, MAKE A MESS perfectly summarises the desperation of clinging to a toxic relationship with a dark electronic percussion heavy psychedelic track. There are just so many examples of this throughout all his work.

Whipping out a guitar on stage for a solo acoustic rendition-fusion of CHANGES and Weak When Ur Around. Just what can’t this man do?

Don’t just take my word for it. Read up on my last gush piece here.

Give him a listen or fight me in the comments if you dare.

Stay safe and musically curious,
Salve S.

We will remain Live In Three.

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