Technical Difficulties at Live In Three

Technical Difficulties

This was originally supposed to be posted late 2019 but will explain the situation I am currently trying to remedy..

For those not in the know – my iPhone 7 has died slightly past its third birthday.

Begging the repair-shop that there must be way to restore it in its former glory. I was disheartened to find out they could only revive it if it were have amnesia. Something I could not bear to handle.


Hence, I am awaiting a new fresh upgrade.

This will usher a new age of better photos to events that don’t allow my trusted DSLR.

However, this is the kicker. I have lost at least 700 of the most recent photos meaning there are events that are picture-less. Worry not, majority of them I attended I used my companion’s phone instead. These include upcoming posts on:

  • (10/10/2019) FKJ at O2 Academy Brixton
  • (04/11/2019) BANKS at Roundhouse
  • (12/10/2019) Flume at O2 Academy Brixton
  • (29/11/2019) blackbear at O2 Academy Brixton

This is going to take time in chasing those sources.

Back to present day me

Lucky lil me having this my past self keep this post in reserve! I have learnt the importance of a backing up your backups.

Stay safe and musically curious,
Salve S.

We will remain Live In Three.

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