BANKS 4 November 2019 Live at Roundhouse London

BANKS at Roundhouse (04/11/2019)

Grabbed a pair of VIP tickets. I ain’t got nothing show for it…

I lied! I have plenty, most of which I am going to keep to my lil’ self. But as I am feeling generous; have these words and photos.

Meet & Greet BANKS Packages

This is the second time that Zoe and I have gone to see BANKS live. The first was just over two years prior. Our loving sentiments for her have not faded whatsoever. In fact, it may have grown much much larger since then.

We move from the art deco Eventim Apollo to a former a railway turntable building in Chalk Farm, Camden. Roundhouse wooden beams span across the entire dome with interiors that reminded me of the Globe Theatre, sitting south of the Thames.

BANKS 25 October 2017 Live at Eventim Apollo Hammersmith LondonBANKS 4 November 2019 Live at Roundhouse London

I nabbed VIP for this one. I did not want to relive the Romeo and Juliet separated-by-a-balcony moment like last time plus it was an excuse to spoil my best friend. No regrets whatsoever, especially because I absolutely adore the III album. I listen to it religiously. Look What You’re Doing To Me ft Francis and the Lights is my favourite and resonates in the very core in my chest. I guess I have a heart after all!

Love Island certainly helped reinvigorate Zoe’s love for BANKS and most likely garnered plenty of new listeners. All for good reason.

BANKS is, hands down, 100% a performer as she is a singer. It is just damn staggering. How could you possible do intricate interceptive dance with two ladies whilst projecting studio perfect audio? The set was simpler than the last, further amplifying her magnetic charm that sends people quaking.

I mean, she kissed both of her dancers on stage. She rolled a 20 on the Charisma check. It sent the entire crowd screaming.

BANKS 4 November 2019 Live at Roundhouse London

As tradition, this magical easter egg happened once again:

Though her popular track Warm Water was not a part of her set, the Snakehips remix started playing as soon as the concert was finished. The lights illuminated the venue whilst we vibed along with the tune along with others doing the same below.

This time, we were the ones below and having a mini dance off. The glorious freedom of the stalls area was ours while others vacated. This what we stand for!

The last post mentions that she was not my cup of tea. Honey, she is now my main source of hydration.

Stay safe and musically curious,
Salve S.

We will remain Live In Three.

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