FKJ and Tom Misch live at O2 Academy Brixton 10 October 2019

FKJ at O2 Academy Brixton (10/10/2019)

Vincent Fenton‘s beats are as juicy and refreshingly tart as his stage name French Kiwi Juice might suggests. I first fell in love with his musical artistry with Masego in this intimate live recording at Red Bull Studios Paris.

His ability to intricately weave melodic and hypnotic sequence that puts in you relaxing trance. I watch his live Red Bull sessions on repeat and fall for his spell all over again. Collaborating with Tom Misch and his wife June Marieezy what is not to love? The several millions of views on each respective videos are mostly likely also spellbound.

FKJ at O2 Academy Brixton 10 October 2019

As I entered the venue confused as to why there was translucent fabric covering the stage of O2 Academy Brixton. The answer came as soon as FKJ’s set started with Skyline, a personal summer favourite of mine, as the lights diffused across the woven fibres producing a weightless illusion floating above the stage.

The tantalising audio-visuals transported you to places as FKJ is armed with an arsenal of various guitars, saxophones and a clear piano to interject instrumental loops live on stage. Hovering spectacle crafted by the lighting and stage crew succeed in snatching the air out of my lungs. I was torn between gazing at the images or FKJ performing audio-alchemy with every tool at his disposal.

It definitely wasn’t a surprise that a certain South London local would return to a stage he was on last year. Is it that right, Tom? (Joel Culpepper was the real surprise!)

I was left awestruck and want to create my own kind of magic.
Maybe with a little help of my friends…

Stay safe and musically curious,
Salve S.

We will remain Live In Three.

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