King Princess at O2 Kentish Town London (26/06/2021)

King Princess at O2 Kentish Town (26/06/2019)

Who is an artist that express queerness more than King Princess?

I certainly can’t hold a candle to her rainbow but her music does have a pull on me. I am assuming her four million Spotify listeners would agree. One of the most confidently openly gay and genderqueer artists that strives independence. Rejecting a music label since the age of 11 and producing most of her album amplify that she is a musical juggernaut. Joining forces with Harry Styles on his rescheduled Love On Tour forming the ultimate pop genderfluid/queer duo.

I sent my two companions to get to the venue three hours before the doors open. Getting us a head start to the rest of the crowd that were to follow. However, that was not enough to guarantee a front-row spot. We resigned ourselves to being in the second/third row.

Pre-show King Princess at live O2 Kentish Town London (26/06/2019)

Luckily, for us the overwhelming majority of the crowd were ladies our age and even more importantly roughly our height. Just for reference, I stand at 5’ 1.5ft whereas our tallest companion was 5’ 4ft. It was task that my doc martens and tip toeing could handle. This crowd was more excitable than a kid in a candy store. Any semblance or suggestion that King Princess was coming on stage would trigger a screech of anticipation. Dying instantly on sight of a poor stage member.

Oh, you thought the build up was bad? Just you wait when she actually got on stage. O2 Kentish Town literally erupted in one of the loudest fangirl bouts I have ever witnessed. I wouldn’t be surprised if I had temporary hearing damage from all screaming. Not admitting that contributed to it a little myself…

King Princess at performing live O2 Kentish Town London June 2019 gif (26/06/2019)

She open ups with Useless Phrases followed up Cheap Queen. Saving fan favourites 1950 and Talia that have cemented as ladies-loving-ladies anthems at the tail end of her set. Expressing the depths of yearning and the intrusive recollections of past relationships that many have experienced before.

After her encore and surrounded by an extremely engaged crowd. I felt more assured in ones identity. But before I can fully appreciate ringing in my ears, a friend pointed out that Mark Ronson was among the crowd while vacating the premises. Artist supporting artist – you love to see it.

Just a word of warning. You are not guaranteed to meet the artist at the stage doors or you could be greeted with escorted car getaway instead. That is exactly what happened when I was whipped into joining some devoted hopefuls after the show. After roughly an hour and half we caught a glimpse of her wavy brunette before being driven off.

What an anticlimactic end to an otherwise rainbow fueled night!
Moral of the story is that artists are people too and deserve to rest up after performing their hearts out…

Stay safe and musically curious,
Salve S.

We will remain Live In Three.

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