BAND-MAID live at Isilington Assmebly Hall London 2019

BAND-MAID: World Domination Tour 2019 (22.06.2019)

Hard Rock + Maid Outfits = A Pleasant Surprise

(Falsely Quoted) Einstein Theory of Maid Cafés

I believe the quote is exactly what Einstein would say with regards to this band. It is certainly my reaction when I first heard this banger of a song in the midst of Hyper Japan 2018

Choose me? Oh, I would choose you any time of the day, my dear BAND-MAID.

I was caught hook, line and sinker on first listen and I don’t regret it one bit. Let’s take a metal-laced dive into J-rock, boosted with double peddles; Love at first Shazam; Instagram targeted ads hit bullseye; DICE secured us VIP tickets. Wonderful technology.

BAND-MAIN: World Domination Tour 2019 at Islington Assembly Hall

For those who don’t know, I grew up in a diverse concoction of pop, rock, punk & UK garage music resulting in a conflicted adolescent who made much of their identity their music taste. It had been a while since I indulged in a rock episode, and BAND-MAID welcomed me back in as if I never left.

BAND-MAID live at Isilington Assmebly Hall London 2019

Who would have known that the inconspicuous Islington Assembly Hall would be hosting a bunch of rocking headbangers. Too bad we missed out on the meet-and-greet and photo session, but the performance more than compensated for my brother’s tardiness with some metal badassery.

BAND-MAID live at Isilington Assmebly Hall London 2019

There was no need for supporting acts if these girls could give 110% in each of and every piece of their twenty-two song setlist. This night was just two notches below that life-changing ONE OK ROCK experience I had back in 2014. That night in Electric Ballroom got me hooked on live music ever since (Flashback Time). These girls are outstandingly talented, high-octane, armed with vocals of steel!

BAND-MAID live at Isilington Assmebly Hall London 2019

Come for the maid novelty. Stay for the banging music.

Stay safe and musically curious,
Salve S.

We will remain Live In Three.

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