AMP presents Grace Carter & Samm Henshaw at Jazz Café (20/06/2019)

While writing this article I realized I’d skipped the BTS concert. I might need to bring in a KPop stan to help write the article… Coming soon!

AMP is back at it with fresh talent at Jazz Café; an installment with Samm Henshaw and Grace Carter. I say “fresh” when in reality these two have been on the musical block for years and currently have over a million listeners on Spotify.

I just missed out on seeing Samm at Electric Brixton the month before. This was a golden ticket in the iconic and intimate stage in Camden Town. It gives you a closer look at the artist, however if you show up late then you would end up not having the best view, and on your tiptoes to catch even a glimpse.

My companion put us at a disadvantage by arriving fashionably late to the set, but his soulful performance and vibrant brass elements never fails to brighten up my day. Be it live or digital – his gospel-inspired sound elevates your heart and soul.

His sound is the ray of sunshine as you look out of your window, flooding you with gratefulness. Whereas Grace exemplifies the emotional intricacies of those more mellow days even if you say “I’m fine” over the phone.

Grace Carter is the artist that I have arguably seen the most, and for good reason. Her vocals carry a difficult, yet perfectly executed, balance of vulnerability and strength. She confronts both daily challenges and your childhood scars, knowing that you will come out better on the other side.

I share the same loving sentiment I had for her since the first time I saw her on stage and her first headline gig.

Stay safe and musically curious,
Salve S.

We will remain Live In Three.

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