The Book of Mormon London Prince of Wales Theatre Coventry St, London

The Book of Mormon

Offensive? Inappropriate? I don’t think those words are in the Book of Mormon creator’s vocabulary. The very same minds are behind South Park, so what were we expecting?

We luckily grabbed some dim sum to fuel my laughing fit throughout the production. Nothing better than a belly full of laughter and food!

It tickled my twisted sense of humour in every way possible. I was cracking up so much that I caught a couple of stink-eyes directed at me. Oops… I am NOT sorry.

It particularly hit my Catholic funny bone; the occasional crisis of faith and the questioning of sexuality. “Turn it off” is the answer that some religious folks commonly use. It’s pretty sad, but the reality for some people. Just go and look up what a beard means in the LGBTQ+ community. At least there was ice cream!

The musical follows the misadventures of Mormon missionaries. There was such a subversion of expectations that I had no clue about what was in store. South Park co-creators, Matt Stone and Trey Parker, join forces with Avenue Q co-creator, Robert Lopez, did not fail to deliver.

I will not delve into the plot because it’s definitely a show you should go into blind. Just make sure you are fine with a musical taking religious jabs every few seconds. Otherwise it would be a painful experience.

For me it was originally experienced on 12 June 2019 with three friends. One of them accidentally picked up a Book of Mormon from real-life Mormons waiting outside of the theatre. She panicked and was not ready to convert from Islam just yet – begging us to take the book off her hands. Who knows what happened to it?

A friend accidentally picks up The Book of Mormon

The entire cast and staff gave it their all to give us an amazing show that I still remember nearly two years later. I even remember how much my cheeks were hurting once the curtains closed the stage.

Unironically, I end up at Westminister Cathedral to watch my niece’s choir recital soon afterwards. What a funny coincidence!

Westminster Cathedral choir rehearsal

I could never make this stuff up…

Stay safe and musically curious,
Salve S.

We will remain Live In Three.

2 thoughts on “The Book of Mormon

    1. That’s the thing with satire! It relishes at ridiculing aspects of society. Though the intention is not to offend – some people will still find it offensive.

      I will definitely not bring my parents to a showing that’s for sure!


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