NAO at O2 Academy Brixton (28/03/2019)

Tonight, as I am writing this, NAO is performing at Somerset House.

That was the line that I opened this post with back in 12 July 2019. Here I am, months later, regretting not being able to hear her dazzle on the open stage. I happened to be at LoveBox at the same time, so I can’t blame myself. No time-turner for me.

I don’t think I ever fail to fawn over NAO. This may be the first, second, thi-fourth time I’ve seen her live. It undoubtedly gets better and better with every iteration. This was fresh off the release of her album Saturn and this performance was out of this world! It became my new addiction upon its release on 26 October 2018 and enveloped me with a deeper love for NAO .

BEFORE I tell you about my out-of-body experience, let’s not fail to share the spotlight with Jaz Karis and her disarmingly soothing vocals that remind you to leave your worries at the door. She welcomes you into her home for tea, thoughtfully adding in reflective insights of love and life along with the milk and sugar.

Jaz Karis live in O2 Academy Brixton 28 March 2019

My 2021 self is actually offended that I have yet to mentioned her on here *proceeds to slap past self*. At this point I have seen her smaller gigs at Miranda at Ace Hotel and Hoxton Square Kitchen & Bar (aka COLOURS) that I regrettably lost photos of. *deserving of a second slap*

Next up is the strikingly mellow Jamie Isaac; enchanting yet vulnerable. He is the friend you call late at night for pizza and chill conversation. It may turn tearful but he’s still there in comfortable silence and warm company.

Jamie Isaac live in O2 Academy Brixton 28 March 2019

We go from very grounded and human performances to NAO magically appearing from the side of the first floor balcony. Talk about a Disney princess!

NAO balcony entrance O2 brixton 28 March 2019

Some say that over-production takes away from a song but, in this case, I strongly disagree. It perfectly accentuates NAO’s distinguished vocals. She adds multi-genre characteristics to what she describes as “wonky funk”. Bouncing basses, funky guitar rifts and snappy techno exemplifies the groove. A snare sucks you in and melodies entice you. The band, dancers and those behind the curtain made the night as magical as possible, materialising ethereal nature of Saturn. Even Kwabs paid a little visit. Absolutely outstanding!

I don’t like to be those who say “take me back” but that statement is definitely true for this night. The experience was so astronomically exhilarating that my perception of time distorted. I could’ve sworn this concert happened in December…

Stay safe and musically curious,
Salve S.

We will remain Live In Three.

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