The Internet at O2 Academy Brixton (21/03/2019)

This is the start of the Great Recall of 2019.

I will push the limits of my memory to describe the countless nights of talent and venue galore that I had failed to upload on here. This is in an effort to get artists, actors and audiences to be reunited with the stage. Even if it manifest in an electronic live amalgamation for the time being and into the future.

Let’s start things of my obsession with The Internet (pun intended).

I have to admit I discovered Syd on SoundCloud with this song weeks prior to listening to The Internet.

I gushed about both respectively for months while being oblivious to the fact that she was the lead singer of group. Years later I still cringe at the exact moment a mate pointed this out. My pride as a know-it-all I-discovered-them-before-they-were-famous tastemaker took a well deserved kick to the balls.

Front row for The Internet at O2 Academy Brixton London

Now I am here standing in O2 Academy Brixton near the front barrier, the audience growing increasingly agitated as the set experienced delay after delay.

The Internet enters and silences the crowd, oozing with cool confidence. That is before half of the venue quakes as fans gush over Steve Lacey or Syd (most likely both). You better hide your partner because:

They are an extraordinary collective, seamlessly weaving and blending R&B, hip hop, jazz, funk, and electronic dance music as if it were alchemy. Their unique twists never fail to surprise even after their fourth album Hive Mind, and every complementary music video blows my visual socks off.

Steve Lacey The Internet Hive Mind at O2 Academy Brixton 2019 gif

Music manifested into energy. The audience fluctuated from squealing fans to a quiet rhythmically swaying mass depending on the tune.

Fusion of style and auditory artistry; The Internet has it all. It’s a miracle I made it out of the venue with my ovaries intact.

Stay safe and musically curious,
Salve S.

We will remain Live In Three.

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