We Are Live In Three

What a crazy world we live in, aye?

I thought I wouldn’t touch this website again, but when the live event scene turned to the brink of collapse I had to step in. Unlike Steve Rogers after returning the infinity stones, I had to come back.

I can’t turn my back on a diverse array of venues that has brought me so many memories and joy. I knew I had to come back to use this little corner of the internet to do my part. The next few weeks will be dedicated to spotlighting venues and reflecting on past events as we adapt to the new normal.

I was supposed to see Glass Animals this month. I was supposed to see Whoopi Goldberg in Sister Act in August. I was supposed to see Craig David at the O2 in October. Those things have yet to happen because current pandemic is the ultimate plan canceller – even more than that flakey friend of yours.

But all of this is out of our control. No pointing crying over spilled milk… or ADTR drumsticks.

What got me to shake off the blogging cobwebs off was the government’s complete neglect of the nightlife and hospitality industry. Yes, most industries are in similar dire position. However, they are allowing these hotspots of culture and creative talent turn into dust.

The night time sector, including restaurants, bars, nightclubs, and other night time services, contribute six percent a year to the GDP of the UK economy, and eight percent to employment


The 96 year old Café de Paris hosted the likes of Frank Sinatra and survived two world wars had to finally throw in the towel due to the pandemic. This is just a few of many stories that will inevitably occur; just look at what happened to Mau Mau Bar on Portobello Road.

Whatever you can do is appreciated – donate whatever you can given your circumstance or share this post to reach the larger Live family to #saveourvenues. As for me, I will try my best to reignite the spark that fuels my love for anything and everything entertainment. We go live in three, two, one…

Ticketmaster Venue Donation
Ticketmaster Venue Donation
Musician's Union
Musician’s Union

We will remain Live In Three.

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