Oscar Jerome at Heaven London

Oscar Jerome at Heaven (19/11/2019)

I prepared to go to Oscar Jerome’s concert having not heard his music before and I purposeful walked in that way hoping to be pleasantly surprise and I am very glad to testify that such is an understatement concerning how I felt hearing the music. When I walked down the stairs I was greeted with very smooth jazz and funk that I could not have foreseen. The floor was quite packed and everyone was vibing to the tunes.

Oscar played some already released music as well as some songs he will release soon. There was a range in mood between songs, all spiced up by guitar, sax and/or drum solos. We were also graced by an energetic encore that the audience fully appreciated and enjoyed. I thoroughly enjoyed the concert and would most certainly consider picking tickets whenever Oscar Jerome and the band is next in town.

Experienced on 19th November
~Enobong’s writing debut!~

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