A Day To Remember ADTR at House of Vans London 21 August 2019

House of Vans Presents: A Day To Remember

No matter how many years pass… I still consider myself as a rock fan at heart.

Roughly nine years ago, my obsession with anime and Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare led to endless consumption AMVs and montages featuring music from the likes of Sleeping With Sirens, Creed and Fall Out Boy.

Queue for ADTR House of Vans London

I followed girl gamers SpongyMopHead & KPopp along with an array of channels that I either don’t remember or don’t exist anymore. One of which uploaded a mini black-and-white CoD montage called “If it means a lot to you” featuring the ADTR song of the same name. It was uploaded by the boyfriend to announce that the owner of the channel had unfortunately passed away.

ADTR House of Vans London

Being an overly emotional teen. I cried. Cementing my attachment to ADTR.

House of Vans announces that they have a FREE intimate gig. You know for sure I would be there. Boy, I never seen this much emotion and energy. The power of music on full display.


Crowd-surfing? Riding on someone’s shoulders? Moshpits? These weren’t just allowed. They were encouraged.

I would have never asked for such an emotional charged night, belting out every word and living my 13 year old’s fantasy.

Blaring songs new and old. Wrapping up the night with that first song I heard many years ago. Priceless.

ADTR House of Vans London If It Means A Lot To You

It would have been a perfect if it weren’t for a particular individual…

My brother clearly was the first person to have caught the drumstick that was thrown to the crowd. This person decided it was their right to grab and yank it from behind. NEVER EVER DO THIS!

  1. This could have dislocated/injured someone’s shoulder
  2. Everyone else has already acknowledged the true owner and did not contest it
  3. You will be subject to my inner anger that has been cultivated for the past 9 years

After my brother had fully regained possession of the stick. This guy begged and said he had been waiting for four years. My injured and exhausted sibling, unaware of my deeply rooted attachment to ADTR, surrendered it to settle the dispute peacefully.

ADTR House of Vans London

To that person out there…

Music saves lives. But not your integrity.

Just thinking about him is making me angry…
Experienced on 21.08.2019

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