Hamilton Revisited Review

Hamilton Revisited

I have a confession to make.

I went to see this without anyone knowing… other than my companion of course.

A friend that I previously briefly dated happened to get notified that they won matinee lottery Hamilton tickets as while we messaging each other. Just a few days prior to them flying back home – it was just perfect timing.


Hamilton West End Lottery Ticket


I never knew the day I would be this close to the stage. Kinky Boots front row was one thing but Hamilton second row was another.

Hamilton West End Lottery Ticket Second Row

Every facial expression, passionate sweat and spit droplets. All in view. All vividly engraved in my mind.

I had a rather lacklustre emotional pay off the first time I saw it. This was time was strikingly different. I was balling – in the theatre, street & bus home.


Was it due to my equally excited company? Was it due to each actor owning their character? Was it due to being able to see each emotion so clearly? Or just my hormones?  It must have been an amalgamation of various factors.

I must leave to replay the soundtrack…

Can’t wait for my re-revisit…
Experienced on 17.08.2019

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