Barney Artist Bikes are Bikes EP Launch

Barney Artist “Bikes are Bikes” EP Launch

Barney Artist is someone I consider a proper all-round great dude and a friend.

From listening to Stay Close on loop to having a conversation, taking pictures and just chilling with him at his private listening party. Ain’t I so lucky?

Barney Listening Party .jpgThis friendship was born from a breakup – a tale I have told before here. I hereby publicly announce that Barns and his friends are invited to my wedding reception.

It’s pretty surreal moment that I first saw him on stage two years ago at Somerset House and I now we were dancing to bops provided by his mate DJ Chux in a cosy Levi’s recording studio.  After dropping the amazing Home Is Where the Art is Album just last year, he was just spoiling us with this bomb of an EP this year.


Barns is arguable the most approachable artist in the British scene: constantly live-streaming with fans, posting memes and releasing outstanding music while balancing a day job. His sound and flows are unmistakably human. His jester of a character comes from his internal struggles that is touchingly expressed in Fall Away. 

The room was remained silent even after track stopped.

It was not until Barns interjected his contagious positivity back into the room and the festivities continued until late into the night. Then started back up two days afterwards.

At the Nile Rodger’s Meltdown Festival at South Bank Centre even the set delay and rain could not stop us from bopping to DJ Chux’s mixes, Barney’s energy and a surprise appearance from Tom Misch.

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All wrapped up with yet another night of dancing.

Experienced on 07 & 09.08.2019

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