This is MANGA: The Art of Urasawa Naoki at Japan House London 2019

Japan House Presents “This is MANGA”

London had seemed to be experiencing a resurgence of manga & anime fanfare as of late. Japan House and British Museum having their manga exhibitions plastered on newspapers, billboards and instagram ads (gotta admire their marketing).


Hyper Japan, Comic Con, Anime & Gaming Con had been in the veterans in championing this art form. Anime Film Festival is debuting this year. If you were looking for an excuse to jump into this medium then these along with magnitudes of reviews available online are a good place to start.


This is MANGA focuses on the Art of Urasawa Naoki – critically acclaimed for the psychological thriller classic Monster. His work can be easily distinguishable due to the highly expressive caricature-like faces juxtaposed by a washed colour palate.


It is understandable that they used Urasawa as a focal point for manga. He has not only received international success but also embraces other cultures in his work. Setting some of his stories at different points of the world as well as featuring prominent characters with mixed heritages. The sort of diversity that is often overlooked by this medium.


He is also not restricted to one genre. The exhibition showcases his other works such as: 20th Century Boys, Billy Bat, Mujirushi and Yawara! from manuscript to printed panels. Along with random doodles unique individuals. His art is reflection of modern day society. Culture embracing, highly varied and exploratory.


It’s a given that we eat their YAWARA! inspired twist on tradition fish and chips at their restaurant Akira end our visit.


Just found out this is all a part of the Japan-UK Season of Culture 2019-2020
Experienced on 28.07.2019

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