Naked City Festival at Beckenham Place Park London 27 July 2019

Naked City Festival

The second music festival that I mostly spent solo… my companion showed up four hours after I did. Not complaining. Music first. Company second.


Naked City Festival was basically an extension to my Cross The Tracks experience with even more experimental and emerging artists such as Yasmin Lacey, Laura Misch and Erza Collective. Truth be told those were the handful of acts that I actually recognised from the lineup.

Journeying deeper into South London – I had no idea what, where and how to get to Beckenham Place Park. I just frantically called an Uber with hopes to catching some of Laura’s set.


But boy the venue did not disappoint. The Main Stage sits right in front of the park’s recently opened swimming lake. The other three general sections: Somethin’ Else Stage, The Bunker & Acoustic Stage. All sections decorated in distinctive styles.


The Bunker genuinely felt like a bunker with vintage cases, newspapers and vinyl scattered across the trees. I spent a while attempting to decipher a vinyl cover a couple of feet above me.

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Laura Misch, Yasmin Lacey and Fatima – a trio of very equally and uniquely talented female singers. Laura bringing in her signature booming vocals with live loops and stunning saxy solos. Yasmin mellow melodies with an amazing voice that much. Fatima hip-hop and jazz vibes that make you wanna bop.

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Moses BoydErza Collective was unsurprisingly a highlight. Everyone was united by the funky jazzy beats. Strangers swaying together with grins brighter than the day through the specks of rain.


Sunshine was replaced by strobe lights.

It was a good day.

Experienced on 27.07.2019

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