Soulection at Somerset House Summer Series London 20 July 2019

Somerset House Summer Series: Soulection

Soulection is one of the biggest names in the music community. If you’re a soundcloud explorer you would know they’ve have a whole hosts of special guests with just about everyone on their radio show. Featuring the likes of Tom Misch, Mac Ayres, Children of Zeus, Jay Prince, Sonder, DJ Jazzy Fresh & Daniel Ceasar – just to name a few.

Soulection at Somerset House Summer Series Courtyard Stage 20 July 2019

This line up being this packed with talent the doors opened at 5PM and closed on 11PM. If only I had the energy to rock up at the beginning and jam to the end. But I was knackered so I only caught the middle of the programme.

I started off vibing and lowkey crushing on Zilo – the soulful London songstress with the poetic touch. Next up was Tay Iwar, a Nigerian award winning producer AND singer, came in with vocals smoother than my pickup lines.

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Of course, I had to see the co-founders Andre PowerJoe Kay sets that simply did not disappoint until my internal battery totally crashed.

I had to accept that I was going miss out on Shaka Lion, Xavier Omär, Sango and a semi-surprise appearance from GoldLink. I was pretty jealous of my mates who decided to stick around but I just knew I wouldn’t last that long.

Joe Kay Soulection at Somerset House Summer Series Stage 20 July 2019

The lineup was not the highlight of the night. It was definitely the vibe, atmosphere and energy that was just the star of this show. Everyone simply just gathered round to enjoy some good music.

Somerset House Courtyard served as a musical sanctuary from the bustling traffic of central London with the sun-setting and vibrations in sky while everyone bopping to the beat.

Sunset Somerset House Summer Series Stage 20 July 2019

It was simply magical. The essence of music. Bringing people together.

I just recharged. Take me back.
Experienced on 20.07.2019

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