LoveBox Music Festival London Gunnersbury Park 13 July Saturday 2019

LoveBox Saturday 2019

Today was absolutely packed.

Saturday was a much busier day but was surprisingly a really-smooth-tent-hopping experience chasing a one act after an other. I basically fulfilled my need-to-see list.

Other than the clash between Children of Zeus and Giggs stage times. It was an amazing day filled to the brim with music.

Phony PPL

Starting the day off with a healthy dose of progressive-R&B from an energetic quintet after finding Why iii Love The Moon on a Spotify journey back in 2017.


I fell in love and finally got the chance to see them live on this every day.


CupcaKKe cancels her set last minute. Heck! Last minute!

Screenshot 2019-08-22 at 11.21.28


They announced the cancellation via the app AFTER her set was done.


Arguably has the best NPR Tiny Desk Concerts. This guy just knows who else I adore – collaborating with Cosmo’s Midnight, Khalid, Mahalia and BJ the Chicago Kid.


I just can’t escape him. I am definitely NOT against it.

David Rodigan & the Outlook Orchestra

David has been in the music game for over 40 years along with the Outlook Orchestra taking us on a journey to explore the cultural and musically evolution over the years. He even brought in the ragga jungle classic Original Nuttah with SHY FX jumping on the mic.

It was his love letter to music.


After nine years in music she finally had smashing break-through with Juice & Tempo. She was brimming with confidence, extravagant costumes, energy, love and positivity slipping into the crowd.

Screenshot 2019-08-22 at 11.16.45.png

I did not expect anything less.


Do I need to say more? Beats that you can’t ignore. Moshpits galore. I’ve hit the floor. Begging for an encore.



Peckham’s finest. One of the most biggest names in UK Rap even the cops can’t stop him.

Photography by Joshua Simpson


Chance The Rapper



This man sent me to church.

The highlights was definitely Buddy‘s contagious energy, Lizzo‘s empowerment, Brockhampton‘s hype & Chance‘s preachings.

That man just levitated my soul.

He single-handedly turned LoveBox into HillSong.

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