Cross The Tracks Music Festival at Brockwell Park 2019

Cross The Tracks 2019

Cross The Tracks is the new festival on the block. Filled to the brim with soulful, jazzy & legendary talent in South London’s Brockwell Park.Cross The Tracks Line Up 2019

It was a line-up that had me drooling. I just had to go so I went alone.  Ain’t nobody going to slow me down and chasing the music.

Just think of Field Day Friday 2018 BUT with extra legendary. Like mother legendary – the classics that your mama still listens to on Heart or Magic FM on the radio.

Chaka Khan, The Blackbyrds, Martha Reeves & The Vandellas. Names that wouldn’t ring a bell until you hear their songs that is. Fire alarms start firing in your mind as the nostalgia hits you.

Each representing decades of musical excellence spanning from 1950s to the present day that would undoubtedly get “you dancing in the streets“.

The only downsides to music festivals is that you can’t be everywhere at once and have to choose which artists you have to miss out on to pursue the another. Organisation is your friend.


Not having ability to self-duplicate did not hinder my fun. I manage to successfully cross off my hit-list. I had to sacrifice on OSHUN and Jordan Rakei and half of Poppy Adjuha and Steamdown‘s set to achieve it.

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The weather wasn’t as stunning days leading up to the event but the energy on each and every stage was enough to heat up the soul.

This was a first. A solo festival adventure. I would not trade it for the world.

I just LOVE company but music will always be a priority.

I will be releasing a guide on just how make the most of festivals for next summer.

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