Loyle Carner ‘Not Waving, But Drowning’ Launch (18/04/2019)

South London’s popular rapper, Loyle Carner, known for his mellow flows and array collaborations with artists such as Kate Tempest, Jorja Smith, Tom Misch and Ezra Collective.

He performed an exclusive set to celebrate the launch of his sophomore album in the House of Vans all for free. That is if you were lucky enough to win the ballot.

Despite, the ecstatic energy emitted across the entire venue there was deeper more sensitive issue was being addressed on this night.

The gallery space is hosting an exhibition curated by Loyle’s Friends & Family in partnership with male suicide prevention charity CALM and The Other Art Fair until 28th April.

Suicide is the biggest killer of men under 45 in the UK.
84 take their own lives every week.




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Each piece is up for auction for to raise funds for CALM that have funded other progressive action in raising awareness such as Project 84.

The album perfectly reflected heartfelt message addressing the turbulent undertow that many young men hiding under their usual cheery demeanor. All of this is eloquently written and spoken by Stevie Smith in her poem ‘Not Waving but Drowning‘ which the album is named after.

Loyle rapped tunes new and old – inviting his mate Rebel Kleff from behind the decks for the added hip-hop edge. Jordan Rakei came in with his soulful vocals for ‘Ottolenghi‘. The night was topped off with a surprise appearance from Jorja Smith wrapping up with ‘Loose Ends‘.




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This album is special and meaningful.

It is a conversation between Loyle and his mother with album starting of ‘Dear Jean‘ and closing off with ‘Dear Ben‘ (Loyle’s actually name is Benjamin). It’s a tale of a boy growing up and chatting about topics from deeper issues to finding the love of his life.

Music is literally life saving.

I’m going to wipe these tears now.
It is an issue that is pretty close to home. 

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