Iyamah – Truth EP.1 Launch (20/03/2019)

Iyamah. One of the artists that I have fallen head over heels for recently.

After finally fully committing to Spotify, I jumped into the musical rabbit hole and have fallen even more deeply in love with music. I might feel more inclined to share my favourite upcoming talents in the near future.

Sophie Faith was an delightful treat as an opening act.  Another rising talent I had a my eyes on I was pleasantly surprised to see her fresh after her release of soulful yet sassy single Salt.

She was as much of the star as Iyamah was of that night. Entertaining and energising the audience after a two-ish hour long wait.


How did I first heard of Iyamah?

I stumbled on a sample of this very song below on a Instagram scroll:

I instantly fell for the perfect balance of the ambivalent undertones from the guitar, bass and piano with the saxophone coming in with more melancholic tunes. Along with her powerful able to subtly delivery of vulnerable emotions. Empathising that change and falling out of love is inevitable.


Her EP explores the being hurt but owing it and getting up stronger than ever. A message that countless number of women should resonate with. Brother’s Testament was an excellent job to complement her style while showcasing their very own talents.


The Curtain was a gorgeous host the EP launch as part of their International Women’s Day showing their support for the empowering messages the eminently throughout her music.

Until Next Time,
Salve S.

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