Maquia: When the Promised Flower Blooms

My brother said I would cry if I watched MAQUIA as he watched it on the plane. I certainly did cry. I never doubted his words but it hurt me deeper than I possibly could imagine.

I would have completely broke down if only I wasn’t on a plane. Instead I silently shed a bucketful of tears reflecting on the bittersweet sentiments of the movie.

My brother and I were supposed to watch it during its UK premiere but we were occupied by holiday preparations.

I read a review that states that you should watch it “then call your mother“. The core message of the film was motherhood, loss and sacrifice.


Even though it’s set in a fantasy world – it tackles deeper and real life issues that some of us have/will undertake in the future during the journey of parenthood.

All were too strong for me to handle. I had a little quarrel with my mother before taking our seats on the plane. After the movie I gave her a big embrace as I fell asleep in the comfort of her chest.


I’m such a sensitive person – drama and tragedies are mental torture for me.
Please don’t judge me.

Until Next Time,
Salve S.

~I’m not crying! ALL of you are crying~
Cover Art work by lazycymbals

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