[New Slang] Billie Eilish (07/03/2019)

Billie Eilish – one of the biggest and youngest pneumonia to come out of the music industry with her edgy unapologetic aesthetic. She has amassed a massive following after Ocean Eyes went viral when she was just fourteen years old.

Personally, I first heard of her through blackbear’s remix of that exact song and I didn’t realise it was Billie until just a month before this show. I let playlist, song radios and algorithms take me on a journey as I absentmindedly enjoy the ride.

I LOVE music. I admire the talent and appreciate the work that went into the piece. However, at the end of the day these artists are humans too and should be treated as such.

She also intertwined a little Q&A session into her set by answering questions from the audience in-between her songs.

Billie 1.jpg

Screaming and shouting vulgar expressions towards them is totally uncalled for. It was this behavior that I had to put up with throughout the performance. Three intoxicated people right behind me were overly obnoxious. They resorted to elbowing, pushing and grinding against me in hopes of getting a few more inches to the front.

This wasn’t my first rodeo. If you could handle a hardcore rock concert, you could handle pretty much any crowd. I was the unmovable physical vanguard for my friends ahead of me.

Little rant aside. All the instances that silence was granted – I could hear the immense amount of talent oozing out of her despite her nonchalant demeanor. I was awestruck.


She sang hits fresh hits such as wish you were gay and bury a friend along with her popular classics like ocean eyes, COPYCAT & belly ache.

billie 2 copy

Her vocal prowess and unconventional personality is evidently what draws people to her. I am definitely going to start following her. I can’t wait to see her develop both as an artists and person for years to come.

Until Next Time,
Salve S.

I wonder if I should do a concert etiquette post.
Screaming for a seventeen year old to sit on your face – a definite no-no.

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