More Moore (26/02/2019)

A night filled with really intimate talent hosted by the amazing Lily Moore – inviting friends big and small to the stage of the cosy Mau Mau Bar on Portobello Road.

The night kicked off with the relatively unknown Mathilda Homer with her quirky demeanour and unspoken confidence. Go grab some tickets and watch her live on 13th March if you want to have a taste of this welcomed new-ish addition to the growing UK jazz/neo-soul scene.


Next up was the forever surprising Moss Kena. If that name sounds familiar – it is because he was one of the supporting acts for the award winning H.E.R at her gig just one day and a year before the release of this post. I think his unbelievable vocal range could reach notes as high as the clouds.


The one and only humble host of the night, Lily Moore, popped on stage. It was her time to showcase her talent that I have seen once before. I wasn’t lying that she was on my ones-to-watch list. It was all justified as she smoothly executed her acoustic set. Sprinkles of her endearing nature was present whenever she was on stage. No wonder, she manage to assemble the Avengers a talented collective for a free gig for all of us to enjoy.


Wrapping the night off was the acoustic guitar-wielding Joel Baker armed with soulful, expressive vocals AND a harmonica! Ending it off with a clapping and singing unison with the crowd for CMWIF.


It was a great night filled with character – every act bringing their unique hue to a colourful experience. Even Lily’s bestie Grace Carter swung by to support showing just how intertwined the UK music scene with friends at different stages of their career still loving those who they developed with.

I definitely want More Moore!

Until Next Time,

Salve S.

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