Oscar Jerome (20/02/2019)

Amber-Simone opened the evening by singing with her group. A very strong bass, a gifted pianist and very upbeat battery complemented the powerful voice of Amber-Simone. Her songs are soulful, dynamic but also emotional.


She can easily change from a slow song to a very powerful chorus.Her stage presence is as powerful as beautiful. She knows how to have fun and share her the depth of their passion with the audience.


Instead of focusing only on the audience, Oscar Jerome plays with the rest of the band having as much fun if not more than anyone else present. He gives the opportunity to stand and boogie as close as possible to the stage or relax and enjoy sitting down with a drink.


He compliments everyone’s skills by leaving enough improvisation time for everyone. He does not hesitate to introduce new talents and friends (including Lianne Las Havas) exploring their talents and wide range of skills for the audience greatest pleasure.


Very present on stage, great play of general vibe, spotlights and rhythm. Great choice of venue, the old theater stripped from its original decor makes it more accessible and intimate.


The DJ kept the audience pumped up in-between performances to give a good ambiance.

May I see you soon,

Salve S. here to add a lil’ extra fact!
Everyone must have heard of Amber-Simone collab with Joe Hertz?!

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