The Spaces In Between – Final Session (19/02/2019)

This will be my love letter to my every other week local free Jazz night. It was hosted by Jake Long, Jack Stephenson-Oliver & Rudi Creswick. That will wrap its one year run at Ghost Notes Peckham – gig venue in the vibrant Peckham Levels.



All are amazing collection of talent with an access to a massive musical network. Bringing in friends big and small on the little intimate stage on the side of the veggie-centric resturant Wildflower.


For newer readers, you should know that Tom Misch is one of my favourite artists going to a total of at least four performances last year alone. Funnily enough his music played suffificant part in two of my past relationships (storytime maybe?). After a his Roundhouse, I bumped into Rudi, his bass playing buddy, on the bus home and told me to swing by to watch him play again. That’s when I become a his buddy and a follower of The Spaces In Between.


I was attended pretty frequently inviting friends to catch up and relax to some amazing improv pieces. The invidual flavour & mastery of each person who stepped on stage never failed to impress me.


It usually ran from 9:30PM until roughly 1AM. I alway had to dash out early in order not to miss my last bus but I would always leave with a grin on my face.

Ghost Notes will closed on 23rd Feburaruy wrapping up with their The Last Dance club night who had special guest Bononbo spinning the decks marking end of a chapter.In their words “to promote the South East London Jazz scene by taking Ghost Notes out of its current physical space and turning it into an events brand.”


I’m looking forward to the next phase on what they have to offer. I’m going to miss my local spot but all good things come to an end. I’ll be spot-hunting to fill the void.

Missing you already Ghost Notes!

Until Next Time,
Salve S.

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