Hayley Kiyoko (01/02/2019)

I’m such a sucker for queer culture.


I watch some series just for the homoromantic subtext *cough cough* She-Ra *cough*.


It would be a surprise that I am a pretty BIG Hayley Kiyoko fan. So much so I would get a pair of VIP tickets and make my way to Glasgow just because I missed out on London tickets. It was so worth it!

Hayley Kiyoko has been dubbed as ‘Lesbian Jesus‘ and propelled herself as a modern day queer icon after her song Girls Like Girls blew up in popularity.

It’s hard to admit this but securing tickets to see Hayley in London has been failures. Her intial UK tour in 2018, I waited eagerly at my PC and battle stations ready for fan presale.  Refresh the page. Sold Out.

Days later. Live Nation Presale. Refresh the page. Sold Out.
General Release. Refresh the page. Sold Out.
Second Date Presale. Refresh the page. Sold Out.
Second General Release. Refresh the page. Sold Out.

I was so disheartened and was on the verge of selling my soul kidney to buy an overly expensive resale ticket. The announcement of her encore tour got me ecstatic and rekindled a hope for getting tickets. I hop on the London tour date. The exact same thing happened all over again.

Talk about deja vu. I resigned to the thought crossing the country to see this Queen and bought the Glasgow VIP tickets in the spur of the moment for my then-gf and I. She breaks up with me days afterwards. That ain’t stopping me from having a great time (tis but a starch).

Screenshot 2019-02-27 at 08.14.46

I had to find a last-minute replacement when she bailed on me two weeks prior. I miraculously organised the travel, accommodation and companion in a frantic blur.

Photos came first with banterful exchanges and hugs with the occasional wacky pose with Hayley. The pre-show Q&A was a cute endearing glimpse of her character. May the main show commence!


She went all out! Dancing, singing and then picking up a guitar for a rocking solo. I was not expecting such a wondrous spectacle. Her guitarist, drummer and two dancers were   going in! The energy was contagious. A dancer challenged me to a dance off for a brief moment.

She sang basically all of her Expectations album along with some older songs such as Cliff’s Edge and Gravel To Tempo.


Her performance and moves were the highlight of the night. I was fangirling ALL night.


I demand another show!

Until Next Time,
Salve S.

Naaz was an amazing supporting act!
She was cute (low-key girl crush)…

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