A Christmas Carol (17/01/2019)

We all know that Christmas has long been over…

That didn’t stop me from buying tickets for A Christmas Carol at the Old Vic for 17th January just two days prior to its final performance. Oh, the spontaneity!

Everyone should have seen at least one rendition of this Dicken’s winter classic. From the Muppets to nearly every form of media resulting to hefty Wikipedia page for Adaptations of A Christmas Carol.


The original book heavily reflected his emphatic sentiment towards the poor. It was meant to be a hard-hitting message to get employers to care for the well-being of their employees rather than treat them as disposable cheap labour.

Ebenezer Scrooge is a cold-hearted businessman with only money on his mind. His recently deceased partner send the spirits of Christmas Past, Present & Future to visit Scrooge during the hours between Christmas Eve & Christmas Day. All with the hopes that he would change his ways before he is condemned to a terrible fate.


This adaptation was rather more optimistic retelling with a touching romantic subplot that actually had me tearing up.


The actors occasionally mingling with the crowd, cheering and throwing food amongst themselves. If you were lucky you could have gotten a free mince pie and orange at the start of the show. You could has have the opportunity to get snowed upon twice in this production if you were to be in the stalls sections.


It was highly immersive and awe-inspiring performance from all of the cast and the central stage setting amplifying a more inclusive spectacle. I didn’t expect to be transported to Victorian London within the Old Vic after only watching A Monster Calls before this show at this historic venue.


I was ever so tempted to watch it again… Highly energetic and emotive rendition of the classic. I highly recommend it if it were to rerun.

Until Next Time,
Salve S.

Let’s ignore that I went AWOL for a few weeks…
Been having a great 2019 so far!




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