Dreamgirls The Musical

Continuing from the theme of the previous post. 

Today marks the end of the West End run of Dreamgirls & Kinky Boots (12th January 2019).

Chicago started this year off while Dreamgirls wrapped up the previous one nicely.


I was always curious why my friend has gone to see this musical twice, why the song ‘Listen’ was so popular and why my gay bestie was adamant about seeing it on its final day. I had gone into the musical virtually blind (just the way I like it).

Dreamgirls had been residing right beside the luxurious Savoy Hotel at the beautiful art deco inspired Savoy Theatre since February 2016. I would have put on a stunning dress just to follow the aesthetic and rather sophisticated atmosphere. However, I prioritised practicality and comfort as you’ll be sitting for roughly three hours in the middle of the British winter. A turtleneck would suffice.

Screenshot 2019-01-12 at 16.54.38.png

Spontaneous theatre date with my best friend which I just bought the tickets just the night before.

We left the theatre absolutely flabbergasted. 


It certainly shot itself into the top three of my favourite musicals. I was on the urge to buy yet another ticket but argued against it. I usually stick to seeing a show once and remember it twice as hard. That’s the beauty of life. Everything is temporary.

Indulging in the experiences of the present forge the best memories of the past giving us a more exciting outlook on the future.  

Dreamgirls is the story of how family, forgiveness and love can overcome the greed and betrayal that comes with climbing up the fame ladder.


It was by far one of the best emotional payoffs of any musical. My heart wrenched and leapt with joy at the two best vocal performance of ‘And I Am Telling You I’m Not Going’ & ‘Listen’. Listen having one of the appropriate lyrical changes that just empathise the strength sisterhood. 

Nearly every major character underwent some growth and development throughout the show; some more than others, but in the end, our main trio who started out as rather naïve girls grew to become amazingly strong women.


Moya Angela was our Effie White. My word! I gasped. Then gasped again. And again. All without exhaling. It wasn’t panic attack – it was Moya sucking the air of my lungs just to bellow it out to us.


Touching and moving story with outstanding vocal performances that may bring you to the verge of tears.

Until Next Time,

Salve S.


~Open your heart and forgive me~


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