The 20th Anniversary of The Miseducation of Ms Lauryn Hill

What better way to end the year than seeing one of the most iconic women in Hip Hop and RnB? The one and only Ms Lauryn Hill.

Well – renowned for being the lead vocalist of the Fugees, her outspoken & rebellious nature. She cemented herself as as singing and rapping superstar striving for what she believed in and her music is the love she shares.

The following video does a much better job in describing how her album was so influential:

I missed out on the initial O2 Arena date but was lucky enough to grab a pair of tickets for her second date at the SSE Wembley Arena. This was a blessing in disguise as SSE was a marginally smaller venue and I was absolutely in love withe support acts.

First up was the young Manchester trap-jazz songbird IAMDDB. I first saw her live at Field Day Friday and was blown away by her energy and vibe which she proceeded to do once again. (Opps no photos found…)

Next up was my currently most favourite vocalists NAO. After following her for a couple of years and dropping arguable the best album of the year with Saturn. Her set was her iconic hits from her previous album and EPs along with a few new sprinkles.

WhatsApp Image 2018-12-22 at 12.31.12

I was absolutely ecstatic. I was feeling the music. I was happy.

Ms Lauryn Hill stepped on stage to the cheers of fans young and old. My companion and I were one of the youngest in our section, as a point of reference, I was one years old when Miseducation was dropped. Every person in the venue encountered the ablum at various stages of their life or was recently introduced but it didn’t matter.

WhatsApp Image 2018-12-22 at 15.08.51

All that mattered was the music and the message of love that Lauryn was pouring out to whoever was present. Dropping speeches of passion and advice. Imagine her as the admirable aunt everyone would wish they had.

Her band and back up vocals done an outstanding job in expressing her style and energy.  I admit I had a musical crush on her saxophone/trombone player.

WhatsApp Image 2018-12-22 at 15.08.50

Spiritual is the closest word I that could think of describing her performance.

I stated that the best gig of the year was HONNE but the best experience by far was this night. I felt my soul elevated to the skies, covered in goosebumps and struck with awe.

Just as she was about to do her take on the Drake’s sample of her song with the track playing – it was cut short. It was just before curfew. 11:29 to be exact.

Lauryn used up every minute and would have given us more.

All good things must come to an end. And so does this amazing year.

Until Next Year,
Salve S.

This marks the end of twenty gayteen eighteen.
Happy New Year Everybody!





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