HONNE @ O2 Brixton Academy (24/11/2018)


HONNE has been one of my favourite musical duos. I have seen them already this year in   the far more intimate setting but they really went all out on the final leg of their LOVE ME/LOVE ME NOT tour.

This was a momentous date for Andy and James as it was four years from this date they first performed in Seabright Arms. I’ve been following them ever so closely particularly this year after missing out on all of their shows last year. I attended their Roundhouse Music Masterclass, Village Underground and Citadel Festival.

Screenshot 2018-12-25 at 10.15.26

They were joined by their go-to-female-vocalist Rebeka “BEKA” Prance who I feel like I haven’t given enough credit I have in my previous posts. It feels like she’s very much a part of the duo (technically making it a band). Her vocals helped convey all the emotions the lyrics would carry.


It particularly hit me hard during this song:

As told in my story-time with Barney Artist, I had been broken up with abruptly just two weeks prior despite the relationship seemingly blossoming (we were already looking at dogs to adopt)…

I did quietly tear up in front of my mates while they were playing HONNE as background music whilst they worked on a coding project. The lyrics of Crying Over You just seemed to perfectly describe the feelings I was going through. It’s healthy to accept and allow negative emotions to run their course. I’ve been fully over her for a while now. We mutually did not regret the time we’ve spent together.

Enough of my breakup. I did mentioned they going “all out”… THEY BROUGHT IN A FOUR BRASS PLAYERS.


OH BOY! I had goosebumps and sang every lyric from the depths of my soul in unison with the entire venue. I experienced every high and low – resulting in possibly the most intense concert high I have ever had.

Love is not dead. Andy proposed to his girlfriend adding even more meaning to their words. I was surrounded by five friends to enjoy the show together.

This is truly and utter trumped every gig I have been to this year.


Until Next Time,
Salve S.

~I’m still having joyful flashbacks~
~This is my Christmas present for you all~


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