HOUSE OF VANS|Whoop This Arcade (15/11/2018)

Honestly I’m not much of a gamer but how could I say no to a free event, especially if it’s happening at House of Vans.

Whoop This Arcade was a  interactive, retro gaming experience, the star of the show Ashten Winger aka Whoopi (you may recognize the name as he also created Drizzy Tears) was hosting this exhibition and explaining his amazing creations. The gaming stations were on full display and available for the public to play. I tried my hand at one of them, a skateboarding game, in which i had to press the right buttons as they appeared on the screen, fairly similar to the dance mat games you get in the arcade except you use your fingers as opposed to your feet. Needless to say I failed several times but it was one of those games that hooked you, and had you wanting to beat the top score (*spoiler alert – I didn’t manage to).

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In another room contained a Snapchat montage displaying the process in which the game stations were made was playing. Whoopi, who is originally from LA, handmade all of these gaming devices himself as well as creating the actual games, a true multimedia artist, this event will be running until Thursday 6th December so you and all your gamer/ competitive friends should definitely check it out.

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Until our next adventure,

(I will post intro eventually!)

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