Grace Carter @ Village Underground (29/10/2018)

SURPRISE! It’s my fourth time seeing Grace Carter this year and my love for her is just keeps on growing. 

But before she graces the stage – Aeris Roves walks in with enough charm and confidence that just made me want him to serenade me. His songs were fully invested in the emotional highs of being love.

Grace 2.jpeg

It was obvious that I wasn’t the only one who was enticed by this individual as my two companions and I collectively remarked on how charming he was. He has those mellow sweet tunes you would gladly play while cuddling up with your partner. Instant Spotify following warranted. 

Grace finally comes out strong as always with her soulful and emotionally driven songs resonated with everybody in the room. I can’t praise her enough with everyone as we sang Why Her Not Me in tearful unison. You know I’ll certainly jump on her album as at least half of her setlist has not actually been officially released. I’ve never felt so within the loop and on track with an artist before.

If you really want to see the number of instances that I’ve gushed over her tremendous talent look at Article A, B and C.

Grqace 1.jpeg

The cherry on top was the fact she remembered me during her post-concert meet and greet at the merch table. She signed our tickets, taken a picture and we had a little funny exchange between her mother.

It was truly bright day in a period where the days are becoming darker at an alarming rate. 

Until Next Time,
Salve S.

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