Blinky Bill & Dope Saint Jude (14/10/2018)

Sunday night in London was a gloomy, rainy one, but the scene inside Dalston’s Birthdays was one to bring the sun.

On the 14th of October I had the pleasure of attending a vibrant night full of tasteful music and great energy. The Kenyan artist Blinky Bill as well as his South African supporting act, Dope Saint Jude, blessed the stage with music to make you both move and think.

Upon first arrival, it was the intimacy of the venue that struck out the most, it was a nice comfortable size with the stage being only a step or so up, perfect for the performances that followed, as it was it was that sense of closeness that contributed to making the experience feel like a friendly, lively gathering.


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Though late to start, the appearance and performance of Dope Saint Jude immediately evoked the spirit of dance amongst the crowd, with her songs celebrating her race and heritage, and the empowerment of those society would like to deem ‘outcasts’.



I was glad to see diversity within the crowd and even happier to see the genuine love and appreciation for both artists music. I myself was not completely familiar with either of the artist before this day but I am now a keen fan.


Blinky Bill’s songs are both upbeat and modern with a traditional African vibe, whereas Dope Saint Jude brings her more experimental sound and flow, I can say that both performances came with masses of energy that inspired beautiful crowd participation.


Blinky performed never before heard songs, from his newly released album ‘Everyone’s Just Winging It And Other Fly Tales’, including two of my personal favourites ‘Winner’ and ‘Showdown’ and a surprise appearance and song from the popular Kenyan hip hop artist Abbas Kubaff closed off the night. All in all it was a beautiful atmosphere, with talented artists and a lovely crowd, an experience I am glad to have been present for.

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