[New Slang] Years & Years (27/09/2018)

The first concert I would attend after turn the big two one. It was relatively calm mainly because I was further away from the action with a view from the first level up from the pit.

That didn’t make me enjoy it any less. I continued to feel and dance the music in my system.

Any Years & Years song would never fail to get me to dance in any club setting. Heck! Even my gay best friend and I have dance offs to King and Desire whenever it is played.

Personally, I would have jumped into the crowd and danced the night away if only my companion was more enthusiastic. However, I was being hit by waves upon waves lethargy so I was happy to stay back for this particular night.

Other than the being behind two overly affectionate couples obscuring my view for parts of the performance.

This night was a celebration for the launch of their new album Palo Santo so the set-list reflected just that but of course they had to play their two biggest hits that I mentioned earlier.

They started off with the inciting Sanctify that brought the crowd into a hypnotised collective.

The rest of the night proceeded to be a Years & Years rave with people not being ashamed of who they are as they were captivated by the beat of the music.

It was a short but sweet setlist. Once the stage was vacated, the indie music club night commenced and we were off our merry way. 

Pryzm is one of those venues that are undoubtedly a night club from the plush-looking sofa booths to the massive dragging crystal on the ceiling covered in confetti from previous wild nights.

This comes with a bittersweet sentiment as the regular venue Hippodrome had closed its doors for the final time on 14th July. It’s a reminder that live music venues are constantly  under threat. Our little sanctuaries of full music experiences need to protected before they’re all gone as they bring flavour into their surrounding areas. Please go sign petitions and continuously support these spots.

Until Next Time,
Salve Salvaña

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