NOTION Summer Party 2018 (27/06/2018)

NOTION Summer Party is BACK!

Let’s just say it’s arguably one of the most enjoyable shows I attended this year so far. The perfect combination of great company, music and energy.

My favourite current DJ Rashunk – the resident DJ for Notion Magazine and a really nice dude from South London who I happen to luckily befriend during this Grace Carter gig.

2018-07-27 001 427.JPG

He certainly know how to crank up the hype engine by playing tunes that you can’t help but move to… (We happen to a dance circle in the middle of the crowd).

2018-07-27 001 726.JPG

Anne-Marie graced the stage with the addition of a couple of smexy dancers to complement her great set that nearly identical to the one from a few days prior.


2018-07-27 001 780

The night was wrapped off by an energic display from who evidently put more than 100% into her performance. Skipping off stage to dance with everybody whilst absolutely smashing every song she had in her set.

Let’s not forget the whole night was packed with outstanding acts who stepped on stage in the following order: M.O, Bondax, Riton & Kah-Lo, Ray BLKAnne Marie and MØ with DJ Rashunk to cover the intervals.

Each and every act brought in their own favour and character to the party to arguably one of the best concert nights I have ever been to…

Until Next Time,

Salve Salvaña

This is sooo overdue…

But I’m at least I’m back on it!

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