[JDX] Anne-Marie, Krystal Roxx & Kenny Allstar (21/06/2018)

To celebrate the hunt for young talent to join the JDX team. It was free night of clashing creativity, food and performances. I got my friend Tee Peters to join, he just happened to shortlisted and was invited to this event with me as his guest.

2018-07-22 001 664

Truth be told, I actually did win the chance to get into this event through the competition raffle:

Screen Shot 2018-09-20 at 18.23.58

I was unfortunately feeling thoroughly fatigued throughout that Friday and slept way beyond the deadline. I already resigned myself to having a uneventful Saturday that is until I got a last minute from TeeWithin an hour I was back in Victoria House. 

2018-07-22 001 680.JPG

I was welcomed by my friend, a delicious gift from Doughnut Time and an unexpected dance battle as soon as I got to the venue.

2018-07-22 001 691

As we were a part of the JDX shortlist we were already in the venue two hours before the general public resulting in these second row views. Krystal Roxx and the JDX dancers brought in the contagious raving energy.

Anne-Marie then graced the stage to the cheers of countless fans after an amazing performance from a JDX contestant.

2018-07-22 001 743.JPG

She sang a couple of her hits such as Alarm, Friends and 2002 basically showcasing her latest ablum Speak Your Mind. I feel like a proud mum watching one of my little acts constantly getting recognition every since first seeing her live in early last year. I instantly fell in love with her and Will Heard with their collab on Rudimental‘s Rumour Mill:

I hope Will Heard gets a likkle more attention soon.

Until Next Time,
Salve Salvaña

~Pre-freshers Flu strikes me again~
*Written: 23/07/2018*

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