Citadel Festival (14/06/2018)

So I’ve just attended a wild Friday and Saturday with my crazy friends at LoveBox.

Guess what I do the next day?

2018-07-22 001 657

I go to its tamer and more family friendly sister festival, Citadel. Many consisting of indie and more experimental names along with array of children activities.

Luckly for all of us, I was able to take a pictures with my DSLR with the confidence that there was a much lower chance of it getting knocked out but a random flying elbow. It’s to make up for all the lack of personal picture from the previous post.

2018-07-22 001 586Guess who I’m dragging around? Well… it was my fortnite obsessed nephew! He looks like a generic emo ‘scene’ kid who is more musically talented than I. Therefore, this was perfect excuse to expose him a good dose of Vitamin D and live music.

2018-07-22 001 475

He enjoyed it (I hope he did) as I was certainly enjoying the more laidback atmosphere without fearing the risk of audience-cluster-osis. I always had a tanky big boy as my personal wall to keep people away from my shoots.

2018-07-22 001 507If it hasn’t been obvious I LOVE HONNE. They never in delivering your dose of electronic soulful love. Other acts I get to see was:


I really hoped you enjoyed my festival pictures as much I did taking them.

2018-07-22 001 636

Until Next Time,
Salve Salvaña

~Three days worth of festival going warranted a nice lil rest~
~Currently fixing up the mess my holiday left me with~
~Written: 20/07/2018*~

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