Florence + The Machine (04/07/2018)

Imagine. Lying in bed after a gig I was looking forward to was cancelled on the day. Lazily scrolling through my social media. Accepting the fact that I didn’t have an excuse to leave my flat.

Until… I stumble this

2018-07-12 001 191

Two hours had past at since this post went live. I jumped out of bed, thrown on whatever I wore yesterday and excitedly left the house after giving my mum a peck on the cheek. Sent urgent messages and call to my brother just as I closed the door.

Fangirl screaming internally as I walked with the urge of sprinting down my road to get to The Joiners Arms. I kept my composure. I say roughly forty people in front of the pub and was directed to queue around the corner away from shop fronts.

2018-07-12 001 195.JPG

After two hours of waiting in anticipation we were finally let in. There were only wristbands allocated to the first 100 in line with another 50 for organisers and friends of South London Cares. Let’s just say more than double of that actually turned up…

2018-07-12 001 194.JPG

It held in the simple small back room of the pub in Camberwell Green which is all too familiar to the locally born Florence who mentions it in her new song ‘South London Forever‘.

2018-07-12 001 197.JPG

It was a night to remember as it was so intimate and personal. Florence cracked couple of jokes and reminisced about the area she grew up in.

The full set-list of what she performed was a mixture of her biggest hits and a few snippets from her new album ‘High as Hope‘:

Sky Full of Song
Shake It Out
Cosmic Love
South London Forever (Live debut)
Dog Days Are Over

Florence vocals were outstandingly resonates with the soul and evokes an array of emotions. My brother and I basically were rendered breathless when the harp opened up for Cosmic Love (our mutual favourite song). Florence and her two talented companions were all they needed to influence the crowd with each note.

2018-07-12 001 216.JPG



I was devastated when I missed out on tickets for her O2 Arena tour date but had a sneaking suspicious that she would pull something like this out of the bag. I even took a picture of that billboard just days prior to the announcement.

This was much more better than consolation prize – I’ll go as far as to say I’m happy I didn’t get those tickets and that abundantly lucky everything just seemed to work out.

2018-07-12 001 214.JPG


It was a highly joyful day that concluded with Florence dancing among us and me throwing my arms across my brother for a long overdue embrace.

2018-07-12 001 236.JPG

Thank you so much Florence and The Joiners Arms!

Until Next Time,
Salve Salvaña

~Outside the Joiners Arm’s like foals unsteady on their feet~
~With the art students and the boys in bands~

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