Sunset Sons (03/07/2018)

Your average set is usually 9-12 songs but these guys blew it up with a whooping 17 songs. The amount of energy and stamina they had was outstanding.

I actually only ever heard one song of them:

Of course I delved a little more into their music prior to the show. But for the most part I heard their songs for the first time live.

It was better than a great first impression. It was a full on impact. Rekindling my love a genre I’ve neglected for a couple of months.

2018-07-22 001 281.JPG

I haven’t really grown out of the the indie/emo/punk/rock phase. I don’t look it but bands like Linkin Park and Papa Roach helped me in dark periods of my life. They will always have a special spot deep within my heart. The message of inner strength and emotional struggle is ever more poignant since the death of Chester Bennington.

Sunset Sons had pretty much cemented themselves pretty well up in my rock band list.

2018-07-22 001 300.JPG

This was a sold out gig at the inconspicuous Electrowerkz/The Islington Metal Works venue. A warehouse that is dilapidated on the outside and quirky on the inside.2018-07-22 001 132.JPG

The opening act, Vistas, also put on an energised performance and helped reeve the engine of your Indie rock night.

2018-07-22 001 201.JPG

Sunset Sons EP – The River is out right now! Click here to give them a listen.

Until Next Time,
Salve Salvaña

Basically technically catching up…
Currently volunteering at a kid sports camp

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