[Sounds Like London] Laura Misch (29/06/2018)

If it wasn’t obvious that I absolutely love Tom Misch. Take a look at my 1, 23 and 4 posts about him. It is also a pretty evident fact that I basically adore all of the Misch siblings. 

It was Laura’s time to shine with an intimate gig hosted by Airbnb and Little Concert. As a part of Sounds Like London campaign by the Mayor of London to promote female and other underrepresented artists around the capital. 


It was held in the Jack Solomons Club. I was pleasantly surprised at the venue as it did not particularly look like a bar from street level. It is not until you walk down into the basement when it truly felt like an authentic speakeasy dimly lit with candles and leather furniture. It is by far one of Soho’s best hidden gems. Perfect for a date where you want to show how classy you are. (Don’t tell anyone else *wink*)


The bar steadily started to fill up, the levels of chatter increase proportionally until they were silenced by Laura’s hypnotising sound. 

It was a little special night which Laura whisked you away on a little galactic journey whether you were sitting on the floor cross-legged or leaning back on a vintage chair.


I’d like to applaud her manager who was the DJ during the breaks as well as the supporting clarinet player and visual expert responsible for the light show on the ball behind Laura. Her sister, Polly, also had a little stage time too.


Would definitely visit Jack Solomons Club and hop into another Airbnb concert…

Who knows what artists or venue would surprise you next?

Until Next Time,
Salve Salvaña

~Let’s meet each other a new~
~It breaks everything we thought we knew~

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