London Pride (07/07/2018)

The rainbow fueled parade marched through Central London. People celebrated England beating Sweden to get to the Semi-Finals. Cheers echoed through the streets. Glasses were raised in triumph.

It was a day full of joy and celebration!


Hard to believe that on this day – 13 years ago, London experienced its first ever major terror incident that was not IRA related.

The horrified screams of the 7/7 bombings was replaced with so much positivity and unity as a nation.

Pride is what you expect it to be. A LOT of things happening simultaneously in support for the Queer Community. The major parade snaking past a few landmarks. Pretty of street parties and club nights.

Pride 2

Let’s just say I hardly remember what happened that day. I do remember that great company and I ended the night at Heaven – arguably the biggest London’s most famous club.

That concludes my fourth Pride.

Just showing each other some love goes a long way. Let them colours fly!

Until Next Time,
Salve Salvaña

~If you’re gay then you’re gay~
~If you’re straight well that’s great!~

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