Science Museum Lates: Sexuality (27/06/2018)

It isn’t a secret that I just love museum lates. Ever since I discovered them I had something to look forward to the end of each month.

Science + Museum Late + Gay = Win

Are you telling me a drag catwalk in a museum wouldn’t be fun? Say that to the moustache drawn on my face. 

This time I was accompanied by my fabulous squad: a lesbian, straight guy and my bisexual self. We all just love women! An engineering and two neuroscience students – we also must love science. It was a perfect night out.

2018-06-27 001 160.JPG

Queer anthems and drag acts projecting fabulousness around different sections of the museum. 

Want to dance? There was silent disco present through out the late and if you wanted to extend the fun there was an afterparty (strictly adults only).

2018-06-27 001 174.JPG

Rainbows and pride just oozing out of the museum was such a fun atmosphere. Let’s not forget the talks and charities that also tackled the more serious issues the queer community face. It’s great they have stalls so it is possible to thank them and more about their service.

This is by far one of the most memorable museum lates (in their own words). Go show off your colours! 

Until Next Time,
Salve Salvaña 

~Lookin’ like we belong on TV~
~I’m rollin’ with the LGBT~

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