FIELD DAY FRIDAY (01/06/2018)

It’s a shameful act that I have forgotten about the first music festival I would be attending. 

An unforgettable experience that was buried with an entire pile of other wonderful memories. Now that I just returned from my mental time machine – I must spread the jovial vibes of Field Day Friday!

This weekend was outrageously busy for the capital with Field Day, Mighty Hoopla and All Points East (which basically taken over Victoria Park). A trio of major music festivals in the space of three days. I would have cloned myself to attend all three but it was feat completely out of my financial and mental capability. 

Personally, I didn’t mind Field Day and Mighty Hoopla being kicked out of their East London home as it given a chance for South London for some festival loving. It was just mere a 20 minute walk from me in Brockwell Park. Just look at this smexy looking line up:


You have to make a difficult choices during a festival due to couple of your favourite artists having clashing stage times. However, music isn’t the only thing going on and you would rob yourself of the full experience if you run around the stages. Go to the side events, sit down have a meal and have a laugh – take it all in.

2018-06-03 001 069.JPG

Luckily for me, the studio gig I attended the night prior already take off the pressure to see three particular artists. The only artists that I really missed out on was Mahalia and Ezra Collection (I arrived after their set). 

These are the acts I managed to see:

Moses Sumney 

His vocals and demeanour were mesmerising. We accidentally stumbled to the stage and drawn in closer. His vocal range was simply outstanding. It’s hard for me to describe his style – here’s his latest album.

2018-06-03 001 019.JPG


IAMDDB already established a reputation of being unapologetically female badass from Manchester.  Bringing her fierce blend of hip-hop, jazz and trap to the smaller Dimensions tent that was filled to the brim. It was by far one of the most energetic sets of the day.

2018-06-03 001 063.JPG

(It was basically impossible to get a good picture)


I’ve been to aching to see her for roughly three years now. After missing her headline gig at O2 Shepherd’s Bush during 2016, I was not going to let this opportunity go and I definitely sure to get to the front to see her perform hits like Bad Blood, Fool to Love and Firefly. It just further deepened my love for her. I could recognise her her voice from a mile away.


Loyle Carner

Your local boy – Loyle jumps on stage accompanied by mates such as Tom Misch playing his guitar for Damselfly. He has flows and a voice that perfectly reflect mellow South London vibes. Brockwell Park was where he used to played play to football and got a little teary singing on his home turf. 

2018-06-03 001 095.JPG

Erykah Badu

The legendary queen of neo-soul graced us with wonderful set showing off her timeless vocals and entertainment chops. Slipping in funny remarks and little nuggets of advice. She’s the unbelievably cool and loveable grandma I’ve never had.

2018-06-03 001 119.JPG

No better way to start June with good weather, vibes and music.

Until Next Time,
Salve Salvaña

I don’t know if anything can beat this year
Musically enriching my soul

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