Metropolis Live + Clash Magazine: Masego, Yazmin Lacey & Wu-Lu (31/05/2018)

Well… Ain’t I hopping all over the place?

How could I possibly forget one of my current jazzy man? I fell in love with his natural flow brimming with confidence and style. The one and only Masego!

A free and intimate studio gig. Perfect.

Starting off the night was Wu-Lu with his unique and rather trippy sound. Some parts seemed like it would cause sensory overload led to a pleasure and mentally stimulating causing be to mouth a barely audibly “Wow”. Though his music is not something I particularly look for – I definitely won’t decline listening to it again.

2018-06-01 001 007

The talented Yazmin Lacey took over the stage with a voice being a possible manifestation of soul. 

Nottingham-based talent that no doubt going to be turning heads across the country. I’m gutted to have missed her set in Field Day. However, having her voice radiate across the intimate venue was enough for satisfy me in the soul department for a couple days.

2018-06-01 001 010.JPG

Masego literally bounces on the stage with a lot of energy and flare. Swinging his fabulous self showing off his vocals, saxiness and dance moves. Singing hits like Tadow and Navajo got the whole crowd bopping. 


Unfortunately, I’m not in the country for his London gig but this is a much better consolation prize. Heck! I might even say that I was lucky one. Did not need to spend a single dime and was only 2 metres away…

I’ll definitely pay to see him again. I would in Field Day (the next day) but due to clashes – I missed all three of these wonderful artists. *sheds a tear*

Thanks to Metropolis Live + Clash Magazine for hosting an amazing night of talent. Metropolis Studios being a workplace full of character that would make every office worker jealous.

Until Next Time,
Salve Salvaña

~I know you see it, girl~
~This ain’t sitting right in my soul~

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