[Notion Magazine X SON Estrella Galicia] Grace Carter & Tertia May (20/06/2018)

At this point of time – my mind is not wired to recall events chronologically… The closer it seems like I’m about to finish catching up, the more events I end up needed to cover.

I’m arguable one of the most laziest active person ever. I’m either 100% productivity mode or a complete and utter sloth – there is no middle ground.

Without any further ado, I get to see Grace Carter just two weeks after attending her first ever headline show. I stupidly excitedly went to before jetting off to Malaga just 10 hours afterwards…without packing my suitcase beforehand.

Was it worth it? It certainly was!

Despite the uncertainty of the stage times, capacity and unneccasary two hour wait, it was a special not. Plus it was FREE . Nothing to complain about whatsoever.


Whilst waiting around I managed to catch up with my work wife and my right-hand woman with a delicious burger.

Strongroom is a nice little intimate spot along Curtain Street in Shoreditch. Cosy with a  lot of character – it was my kind of scene. Music and food are the perfect match.


After my friend’s impatient whining, the lights dimmed down in the room and Tertia May steps on stage. There really wasn’t a stage. It was that intimate.

Oh look! She’s just released her debut EP: Kind Of Purple.

A raising talent who perfectly mixes Soul, UK Hip Hop and new waves of Jazz into her own unique blend that just makes you ask for more. *Instantly added to my to-watch list*


Grace finally graces the stage. She sings all she’s got to offer and two bonus unrealeased treats. I finally got to approach her as she was surrounded in her pervious gig. Had a nice chat and a hug.

Grace Carter.jpeg

She’s a super sweet girl. Her songs carries genuine meaning and emotion.

These are the type of gigs I live for. One that allows the crowd in a closer level – where you could easily strike up a conversation and praise their work in person.

Plus hugs and free experiences are amazing.

Until Next Time,
Salve Salvaña

The wonderful Notion Magazine X SON Estrella Galicia does this every year…
Here’s link to their article

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