NTS X Uniqlo Japan Day (19/05/2018)

Recounting three months worth of content is bound to have a lot chronological mishaps. I’m trying my best here – I’m more critical at myself than you are left to believe. After this posting spree, I’m going to revisit every single one I’ve written and hope my dyslexic self did not write anything catastrophic.

The ones that happen to slip my mind are the free events. As I do attend at least three of those a week until my social battery is completely exhausted.

This one, however, I made sure not to forget – I would lose all credit of being a self-proclaimed ‘Japanophile’. It is the annual NTS X Uniqlo Japan Day!


Here is my reaction to the first time attending (basically me just gushing the fact that it was all free).

2018-05-25 001 145.JPG

It had the same format as last year’s but instead of offering artistic calligraphy (shodō/shūji) they offered mask making with origami section resuming its previous place. 

2018-05-25 001 142.JPG

Free drinks and green tea ice under the clear summer sky. Japanese lanterns and decorations sprinkled around the rooftop. A relatively chill music session by NTS and friends. Brought much needed tranquil escape from the bustling city. It was hard to believe we were right in the middle of Central London with waves of shoppers flowing endlessly on the streets below. 

2018-05-25 001 067.JPG

To echo my original post: 

It was free and I loved it.

Is there anymore I need to say?

2018-05-25 001 117

Uniqlo provided Japanese culture in a very welcoming and digestible way. I can’t wait for new year’s one already.

Until Next Time,
Salve Salvaña

nippon daisuki
Image created by Freepik (link)
Second post of the day just a little present for you!


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